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Frequently Asked Questions:

What age children is the app for?

The book was originally written with infants ages 0-6 months in mind, but what we have found with the mobile app version is that kids (and adults) of all ages enjoy exploring The Late Night Book.

How should I use the app?

There are a number of ways to share this app with your child.  The original idea of the book was a story to be read to your infant child before bed or to settle them down after waking during the night.  We still recommend doing that with your young child.  For older children we recommend reading with them and allowing them to explore the many interactive elements.  Find a comfortable place to sit and share the joy of reading with your children.  We found a great article about how to read to your children at

How do I turn on/off the music?

There is a button at the bottom of the story where you can turn the music on/off.  Just press the button.  If you have pressed the button to turn the music on, but don’t hear anything, check to see that the volume on your device is turned up.

How do I make the images move?

Each image has a unique set of interactions.  You can start tapping and swiping to explore the image on your own.  Or if you want tips please press the “Hint” button at the bottom of the screen to give you advice on each image.

Who do I contact if I have found problems with The Late Night Book app?

You can either fill out the contact form on this site by clicking here.  Or you can email us directly at for feedback or for technical issues.

I love the app!  Who do I contact to tell them?

That is great news and we are happy you enjoy The Late Night Book!  We would love to hear from you on our contact page or via email at  Also, we would appreciate your positive feedback on the iTunes App store.  Click here to leave positive feedback at the app store.

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