The Late Night Book - Project Tiki

#The Late Night Book is written and designed with babies in mind, but this app will appeal to children of all ages (and adults as well).  Young infants show a preference for images that are in patterns.  The Late Night Book uses simple, high-contrast, black and white patterned graphics that will catch a baby’s attention.  We have added animation to these patterns to provide another level of stimulation for your baby and hours of interaction for the two of you.

Jim O’Loughlin wrote the story for those late nights when he was rocking his children to sleep.  We hope you enjoy reading this fun, interactive story to your children and exploring the animations together.

Explore the many features:

–       Soothing music to calm the restless child.

–       High-contrast images to stimulate your infant’s eye development.

–       Rhyming pattern to the text for your child to follow along.

–       Pinch, swipe, tap, and rotate to discover fun surprises in the captivating, interactive illustrations.

The Late Night Book - Project Tiki

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